BuzzWord Bingo
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What's new in 1.1?

BuzzWord Bingo 1.1 now supports ALL the PalmPilots. It has been tested on the original Palm 1000, 5000, Palm Personal/Professional and the Palm III. There are also a couple of graphical glitches that were fixed (when the screen did not redraw completely). There still seem to be some problems on NON-English Operating Systems.

What is it?

BuzzWord Bingo is based on a Dilbert Cominc strip. Instead of using normal bingo squares (like B1, I17, G43, etc.) you use BuzzWords. You can play during meetings at work. If your boss (or the person speaking) uses a BuzzWord on your "card", you check it off. The objective is to fill an entire row (just like normal Bingo). When you win -- shout BINGO!

Quotes from the WSJ

WSJ front page, June 8, 1998

Download version 1.1

Register It

BuzzWord Bingo is a shareware program and costs only $5. FreeSpace is only available in the registered version. To register, just use the online order form. There is no danger of sending your credit card information when you are using the Secure Connection.

More Information

Sample Bingo Sheet

Here is an example of a BuzzWord Bingo Card. This uses a set of Internet BuzzWords.

Just try using this as you watch to your favorite news show. You will be surprised how fast you win.


Options Menu

Get Info - shows the version and author information

Import Memo - will bring you to the window (see the image below).

New Bingo Card - will create a new bingo card using the current words. Use this item when you do not like the words that were chosen.

Import Memo Screen Shot

Select the Memo that you wish import and use as BuzzWords. You can switch categories using the popup menu on the top right.

When importing the memo there are two options for how to select the BuzzWords:

  • per line - each line of text is treated as a separate buzzword.
  • for each word - every single word in the Memo is used as a BuzzWord.


Here are a couple of BuzzWord lists you can use for BuzzWord bingo. Just add them to your MemoPad (either cut and paste or import the text file).

Do you have your own list? Want to see it up here? Just send it to us.


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